Storing your Antigravity Lithium Motorycle Battery

If you need to store your battery for a longer time you should either connect it to a trickle charger or disconnect it completely.  Your Antigravity Lithium Battery might gradually drain over time, especially on motorcycles fitted with alarms etc (parasitic drain). If you leave the battery connected and unattended, it will go flat and its cells will get damaged (this will void warranty). When stored, your battery can hold charge for up to a year, but should be checked at least every 6 months.

Antigravity Lithium Battery Warranty

Antigravity Batteries come with a 12 Month full replacement warranty.

Charging your Antigravity Lithium Battery

Antigravity Lithium Batteries will be delivered fully charged and ready to install. It’s very important that you use a specific Lifepo4 charger, otherwise your battery may be damaged. We recommend these Intelligent chargers.

Do Antigravity Lithium Batteries work with standard motorcycle charging systems?

Antigravity batteries work on standard motorcycle charging systems. It’s necessary to test, that your charging system is working correctly, especially on older motorcycles or those with aftermarket charging systems installed. Overcharging can be an issue on older or damaged systems, and damage your Antigravity Lithium Battery and can cause symptoms such as the battery expanding. We offer a Charging system tester, which we highly recommend. Upgrading to a solid state/modern regulator rectifier is always a good option.

Can I use a different sized Antigravity Lithium Battery on my motorcycle?

Yes, you can. Most custom builders will recommend to use the smallest battery possible to enable creative ways of hiding the unit. When going smaller you need to factor in, that the batteries will discharge faster, than larger ones. If your bike is hard to start, a few presses of the starter might cause your battery to go flat.

You may fit a larger battery if you are running more accessories etc. If you can fit it on your motorcycle, then you can use it!

What type of things can damage my Antigravity Lithium Battery?

These two main things will damage your Antigravity Battery: Discharging below the recommended 11volts and overly/consistent charging over 14.8 volts.

A faulty charging system – If your voltage regulator is not performing as it should, it may undercharge or overcharge your battery. We always recommend upgrading to solid state regulator. Highly recommended in older motorcycles.

Total-loss system – If your battery is constantly fully drained, this will cause damage. Eg Racing application.

Too much cranking and not enough charging – Eg regular short trips, where your battery is not maintaining a full charge rate.

Using the wrong charger – Lead acid chargers can pump too much voltage into a Lithum Battery and overcharge them, causing them to swell and potentially explode. You MUST use an Intelligent (can identify the state of charge) Lithium specific charger.